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Gauge was born out of my personal experience buying and selling on the private market. In college, I flipped a few of my cars and motorcycles on the side and realized, just like everyone else selling privately, I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave a single penny on the table. However, even when selling privately, it was always difficult to know when I had received the highest offer I was going to get. Every person I was negotiating with was similar to me and seemed to just be looking for a deal. And even though it was difficult for me to know when I’d gotten the highest offer I was going to get, I was still the expert that friends and family would come to when they were selling their vehicles to help them decide too.

After years of working with all of the major players in the industry to help them acquire cars from consumers, I realized that no other company was set up to consistently be the highest offer on a vehicle. While there are a ton of companies out there trying to make selling your car faster and easier, it often comes at the expense of getting the most money. I have spoken to hundreds, if not thousands, of people selling their cars privately, and none of them decided to sell privately because it was easier - they wanted more money, not fewer clicks or to sell from their couch. It was out of this dilemma that I dreamt up Gauge.

I started this company with the mission to get sellers the highest offers and take the work out of selling your car by being your advocate throughout your entire selling process. The next time you sell or trade-in your vehicle, I hope that we get the chance to show you how easy it can be to get the most for it!

- Josh Hirahara, Gauge Founder and CEO

What We Do Differently
Pre-Purchase Inspections
If your car is in fantastic condition, shouldn’t buyers be willing to pay more? Even if your car has a few imperfections, buyers feel comfortable paying more when they know they can count on the condition it’s in. 
Buyers pay more when they can trust what they’re buying. Most companies stand behind the condition even when vehicles are inspected! If we miss something, Gauge will take care of that with the buyer. This helps consumers who sell to us get more, so we believe it’s worth it!.
Connect to Nationwide Buyers
Most private sellers just connect locally, but what if your vehicle has a lot of demand in another city? Our inspections allow all buyers to compete with equal footing. We’ll even handle any additional logistics to make sure we are getting you the most money.

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