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Every year, 39 million used cars are sold in the U.S. alone. Gauge is revolutionizing this process by creating an auction for dealers to purchase vehicles directly from consumers, bringing transparency and efficiency to both sides of the market. Dealers can acquire the inventory they need directly from consumers, and consumers can ensure that they’re getting the highest price for their vehicle by getting offers from all interested buyers at the same time.

About the Company:
Gauge is an automotive tech startup company with millions in venture capital that operates retail locations in every market where we buy vehicles from consumers. This location acts as a hub for our first market. Each location is responsible for:

- Signing up local dealers who’d like to purchase inventory from our auction

- Working with those dealers to make sure they are successful on the platform

- Outbound calls/texts to consumers who are currently selling a vehicle

- Assisting consumers through the process of selling their vehicle, which includes educating them on what their options are, helping them complete their vehicle condition report, and making recommendations based on their situation

- Verifying vehicle condition, completing vehicle paperwork, paying consumer sellers for their vehicle, and transporting the vehicle to the purchasing dealership

- Acting as a highly autonomous team to manage the operations and logistics of the local market

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